“I have been writing songs since I was 8” – TY Bello reveals

"I have been writing songs since I was 8" - TY Bello reveals“I have been writing songs since I was 8” – TY Bello reveals

Nigerian gospel singer and ace photographer, TY Bello, has revealed that she began songwriting when she was between the ages of 8 and 10.


She made the disclosure while having a chat with FK Abudu and Jola a.k.a Jollz on ‘I Said What I Said’ podcast, where she also talked about her education and journey.

The 45-year-old mentioned that her only motivation for attending college was to please her mother because her own aspiration was to become a “big hairstylist”.

TY added that she has always been artistic, even in her early years, and that she practically simultaneously began her careers in music and photography.

She said;

“I have been writing songs since I was 8, 9, 10. I started music and photography [professionally] right at the same time. After university, when everyone in my class knew where they wanted to work. And I had no such dream. I was very confused”. 

“University was that period where I thought, ‘okay, let me go to school to make my mum happy. Then I was going to graduate to be a big hairstylist.’ I thought that was my future. When it came to NYSC and everybody asked where to be posted to, I asked to be posted to the south. I was like, what do I do? And I think that was the major turning point where I realised that I had to be posted to phototech because I just started photography. It wasn’t like I wanted to be a photographer all my life, but that one move made me who I am today,” she added

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